Analysis, Data Visualization and introduction to Data StoryTelling Training

Visualization of data combines the art and science of visual and interactive representation of data using visualization tools like Tableau software, Power BI, Excel, … to amplify cognition. Today, this discipline becomes a communication necessity for professionals and even for individuals in order to transmit a message or a story in a clear, effective and relevant way. Data visualization has always helped humans understand and explore complex phenomena, based on data.

The human is very powerful! You know we are able to see more than 625 separate data points contained in a small square (inch size)! What makes the power of data visualization and what constitutes one of the key factors in the interpretation of the data, is that the visuals remain in our long-term memory before we are aware of that!

business intelligence

Objectifs de la formation

  • design dashboards and dashboards that meet the company’s expectations
  • learn a simple and effective approach to extract information & insights from data
  • master the principles of data visualization and how to choose the right visualization for the right overview
  • build a credible data story that meets the expectations of your audience
  • Learn how to use the Tableau Software for making dashboards
  • Duration : 2 days
  • Ref : Dataviz_119
  • Next sessions :
  • 21-22 December 2019
  • 04-05 January 2020
  • 18-09 January 2020


Anyone in charge of the analysis and the restitution of the data


  • No particular technical knowledge is necessary, it is however recommended to have followed the module “Business Intelligence” to follow this formation under optimal conditions
  • Basic knowledge of Business Intelligence, knowing how to manipulate data, identify indicators and manipulate a spreadsheet like Microsoft Excel.

Detailed program


  • Just pass numbers to graphics
  • Chart typology: What are the main types of existing charts?
  • How to choose the right graph to represent the right data?
  • Visual perception: Colors and shapes: how to choose them?
  • Presentation of Tableau Software: menus, windows, functions, vocabulary
  • Moving from theory to practice: making the first graph


  • What is storytelling: concrete examples in video
  • Data Storytelling: Applying Storytelling Techniques to Business Data
  • Presentation and critical analysis of data storytelling methods by Apple, and Hans
  • Rosling
  • Storytelling of data


  • Pitch
  • The scenario
  • Narative layout


  • Overview of storytelling features of BI tools
  • Tableau Software Data Storytelling Module
  • Panorama of other tools: graphical representation tools, development tools

Why choose our training?

  • Highly operational training during which the theoretical phases, exchanges, sharing of experiences and practice alternate
  • An in-depth practice that allows participants to quickly learn the basics of visualizing and narrating data with Tableau Software
  • Expert Advice in Data Visualization

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