Tableau exam-Quiz1

Welcome to your Tableau Qualified Associate Certification -Quiz1

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1. What is true about new data extract techniques in Tableau ?
2. Organizing & Simplifying Data.
Use Orders sheet from Sample-Superstore excel file.
How much customers are among : the top 100 customers(customer Name) using sum of sales and among the 100 worst customers in sum profit ?
3. In the image below, how can we describe the date dimension ?Tableau quiz date dim
4. For this question Use World Bank CO2 data.
Region field information are as follow : "Latin America & Caribbean".
what is the rank of  "Central Asia" (sub region)  by sum of CO2 (descending order) ?
5. use scatter plot, drag sales in row and profit in columns for each product. add a trend line. what is the linear equation f this trend line for Furniture category ?

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