How to ignite student creativity and innovation?

How to ignite student creativity and innovation?

Creative and idea generation processes play a crucial role in the development of innovations.
In general, students become familiar with theories, equations and key knowledge in the classroom, but they often do not have exposure or experience of effective and creative processes where knowledge can be used and develop useful innovations on their own.

There are several techniques that are designed to help the instructor achieve various goals and are brief enough to be used as a hands-on activity in a class. Some tools help to initiate a discussion about the nature of the origins of innovation. Others help students learn a process or technique that they can use in future group projects. Many lead students to work in teams as part of a creative exercise designed to teach them a principle of innovation.

The tools do not require any special equipment and have been successfully field tested for several years as part of university courses, executive training programs and workshops for high school students.

Techniques of creativity and idea generation

  • The “Wall of Fame/Shame”
  • Innovation You
  • iWish
  • Visioning
  • Perceptual Maps
  • Two Buckets
  • 100 Uses
  • R&D
  • Card-io
  • Innovation Challenges

We will provide more details on these methods very soon.