In Rabat : Tableau Fundamentals Training with Datadictos

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Instructor : Datadictos is a BI expert and Tableau certified

About the Instructor

Over 14 years professional experience working with various business owners and operational teams, Datadictos have the ability to meet expectations and drive insights in agile manner. BI expert, data viz expert and Tableau certified person with relevant capabilities in business levers of growth which are sales and marketing.

Datadictos has managed various projects of implementation, integration, and deployment of digital and decision support systems. Datadictos’s work in Tableau are published in various social network and public websites.

This training class entitles you to:

  • Full day of Tableau Desktop and data visualization training with Datadictos.
  • A copy of Tableau desktop exam.
  • A notebook and USB drive with the sample data set and other bonus material.
  • Morning coffee, continental breakfast, networking lunch.
  • Individual instruction and feedback during the hands-on exercises, and more.
An individual laptop and charger are required for this class.

This is a beginner (Fundamentals) Tableau training in Rabat (Morocco). Are you interested, click here to reserve a seat. Please, fill the contact form contact.