Which Decision is the most effective ?

Which decision is the most effective? In live like in professional word, we are continually making decisions to achieve our personal, organizational or business goals.

Some decisions are with a short-term impact while others process medium or long term impact. Indeed, a real challenge is to make effective decisions that are based on factual insights, with a clear goal, and the means to measure actions that contribute to achieving the objectives pursued.

In Finance, Government, Education, Healthcare and more others domains, effective decisions are expected from each organization level’s, vertically from simple employee to Chief Executive Officer(CEO) and cross-domain: Human resource, finance, IT, sales, and so on.

decision making

In order to assist organizations in this decision-making process, Decision Support System(DSS) was introduced since 1970 and thereafter, Business Intelligence systems have emerged in the early 90s as a solution offering appropriate data capabilities  to provide organizations with valuable information for their decision-making process at various levels.

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