Data visualisation, Data storytelling, Business Intelligence and Analytics

Data visualisation, Data storytelling, Business Intelligence and Analytics.

Business Intelligence creates from internal and external organization data, the information and the knowledge that help members, the executives and the operational ones, in their decision making process.

Literature proposes various definitions of Business Intelligence with the same finality which aims to enhance organization performance and decision-making process by reducing wasting costs and time and allowing a continuous improvement of profit and performance . BI is also considered as a philosophy of strategies, processes, applications, data, products, technologies and technical architectures that support the collection, analysis, presentation, and dissemination of business information.

In a business context, the ability of learning and understanding business is an important factor added to these definitions by Gartner advisor which allows achieving higher business goals.

To leverage your level in business intelligence and data visualisation, we propose a series of valuable trainings.

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