Reload your creativity for 2019

I read a very interesting post of Brainzooming about creative thinking that I want to share with you, especially, since I, you and probably the most of us are setting the 2019 goals if it is not already established!

Are you ready ? Have you asked the 7 questions below?

1. What are the boldest moves I can imagine challenging ourselves with in 2019? (Are they bold ENOUGH? Just checking.)

2. If I’m always working with the same people, what can I do each day to increase the diversity of individuals I interact with to stimulate new thinking?

smart objectifs

3. What can we do to reduce by 1/3 or 1/2 the list of projects and activities that seem important but are genuinely blocking greater future success?


4. What’s stopping us from asking for favors and help from people that we have no business trying to talk to?

5. How can I better address a big problem by undoing the problem instead of putting another fix on a previous fix?

6. What scary and risky things did we say Yes to in 2018?

Which ones do we need to say Yes to in 2019?

7. If I wrote the year-end recap for 2019 right now, what dramatic expectations would it point to that we need to address this year?

What is Innovation and Innovation management ?

How we can define innovation ?

Innovation is “The act of introducing a new device (such smartphone, motor bike), method ( such a way of assembling cars, new business process or a new way of making money) or material for application to commercial or practical objectives”  as defined by (Schilling, 2013).


What about innovation management?

Therefore, Innovation management is about how organizations and their employees manage their innovation activities. It includes :

  • Formulating an innovation strategy,
  • Insuring that employees can be creative and come up with new ideas,
  • Managing execution of innovation projects (What, Who , Risks …).



What is creativity? Every one can be creative?

What is creativity definition ?

A commonly used definition is that “creativity is the production of novel and useful ideas”.

The creativity is mainly built on the Novelty and usefulness of the proposed idea. Moreover, an idea is novel or still novel if someone else already invented  it without knowing or if the idea is used in a different context for the first time.

For example, if we introduce a software to a traditional company that still use paper to manage daily work,  this software still new and useful for that company and therefore a creative idea.

Life is beautiful, you just need to feel it

Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.

Today it is very easy to leave behind the creative side and keep doing tasks which we don’t really want to do or not having that keen interest.

Loaded with work files and tasks, we totally forget that there is a creative side which will make life much easier and make everything way much easier and interesting to whatever work be it we like it or not.