About Us

After several years of management jobs, IT consultancy and many scientific research works, I decided to share my passion, expertise and my inspiration areas with the general public, largest community of Business people, Employees, Students and with every person want to stimulate their brain and create bright ideas that change the way they live and work, and enrich the lives of those around them.

This blog targets individuals and give answers to : How to be creative ? How to be innovative person?  How to  transform an original idea to a concrete innovation and thereafter a real business ?

The blog targets also business people and give answers about: What is management ? How we can manage Idea capture? How manage an innovation portfolio or project? How to support our decision making process with an efficient process, methods and tools like Business Intelligence, Data analytics ..?

I expect to translate the content in French and Arabic.       So follow us it will be interesting and possibly even amusing experience with us

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